Aikar. Smile more D:

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  1. Aikar needs to go on a smiling program! Only picture of him that I found that he smiles in.
  2. I'm sure Aikar smiles alot, and I'm not to sure theres many pictures of him, so ya can't judge Aikar ;)
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  3. Daw, Aikar is so cute :oops:
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  4. Reminds me of this:
  5. I spit out my tea when I saw that.
  6. I'm also quite disappointed that there is no "woof" option in the poll.
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  7. Can't forget this beautiful picture of a more beautiful man:

    Taken from here.
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  8. Im still laughing after 2 minutes :p
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  9. Bump :D

    In other news...

    Dat resemblance thooooooooo.
  10. I just realized i look like aikar... i look the same when i smile so i always just look neutral or i look like the meme chris posted. I am thinner and have a better hairline (no offense, aikar) but i look a lot like him (which is not a bad thing).
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  11. :D
  12. i don't know about you... but he looks pretty smile filled in this photo... lol

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  13. Ahh Beautiful :)
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  14. Is Maxarias shorter than Aikar, or is Aikar taller than Maxarias? :confused:
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  15. I see what you did there...
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  16. ohhhhhhhh...... (how does that work anyway? is it the person who is farther from their gender's average height who is the one taller/shorter?)
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  17. Yes.
  18. /me nods.