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  1. AIKAR IS AN AWESOME MOD! HE DOESN'T TAKE FOREVER TO RESPOND! aikar if you see this please unban me!
  2. This was the wrong way to go about this.
  3. First off this is not how you appeal a ban please pm the mod that banned you and 2nd you are just rude and imo you don't deserve to be unbanned
  4. lol u thought he would unban you when the thread is called AIKAR IS THE WORST!
  5. Edited =]
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  6. Can someone REMOVE this person from the forum please! Thank you :)
  7. And he just earned himself a site ban as well lol
  8. Thank You Boss :)
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  9. I love when people do this. I had the pleasure of site banning someone the other day who thought it would be a good idea to insult a mod on her profile:

    Funny thing is, it was just a temp ban, up until that point.
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  10. Some people are so angry. It's not hard to simply follow the rules =/ I've had people harass me on my profile over bans. It's quite annoying and inconvenient. Not to mention rude and stupid.
  11. Must be pick on the Mods weekend. I had one of these while I was not even online! What is up
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.