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  1. i made sooo much and then wanted too take away alll the flags and it said to type /res reset so i did and it took away evry thing justin guv can you fix it
  2. Damm :/ i believe it's not possible, unless justin has some kind of backups or something wich i believe he hasn't :(
    Also, actually before you reset your residence there is a huge letter with something about "this will delete all at your residence, type yes to proceed" or something like that, so it was kinda your fault :S
  3. Copherfield is correct, there is no way to rollback your lot I am afraid, and it is exactly the reason why there is a red warning and a conformation code ( /res reset confirm??). It is also stated in here http://empireminecraft.com/guide/commands that resetting will delete everything on your lot. I believe the command you were after is /res default to reset your permissions to default ones.
    Sorry to hear you wiped your res, i hope you had stuff stored in vault and in your inventoy/wild/other res's.
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  4. no it jus said are u sure type confirm and i thought it was gonna erace flags but i didnt get any thing bach not even my diamonds
  5. wait cant he do it from the pics 4 the wool contest
  6. No he can't, and even if he could, im sorry but it was your fault. Many stuff like this happens everyday at empire minecraft servers, admins/senior mods won't consider doing a lot of efford on your case since there are lots of this that will want the same treat, i'm not trying to be rude but, sorry you just lost all at your residence. :(
  7. maby they can just give me some money and i can get some stuff
  8. Sorry but.

  9. Yeah the admins wont reimburse probaly it is sorta your fault
  10. they should make sure they get the coommands right
  11. but i am soooooooooooooooooooo mad it took maonths for me to build it
  12. i actually agree with copher, they state this concept VERY clearly in the Empire Guide, so you will not be getting anything back. i am sorry :(
  13. no they didnt
  14. Direct quote from empire guide/residence section:

    Resetting or Unclaiming a Residence
    You may reset or unclaim your residence if you wish. Doing either of these will PERMANENTLY DELETE everything in your residence. This includes chests with items in them. When you unclaim a residence you also give up ownership of it, this would allow you to claim a new residence. You can only unclaim or reset your residence once every 24 hours.
    /res reset Resest a residence (must be standing in it)
    /res unclaim Unclaim a residence (must be standing in it)
  15. Yes they did, with big fat red letters.
    It's your fault and admins wont refund anything.
    There is no such thing as logblock to rollback your residence.
    Your fault so if you wanna blame someone, blame yourself.
    You can say whatever you want, the policy is clear and also the commands.

  16. ok will some one help me build
  17. wow........ i doubt anyone will help, sorry
  18. Many players would be happy to help you build, just advetise what you need to build in the town chat, there are always players looking to make some extra money building :)
  19. Magnariffic1 I'll be back on later. If you like I'll donate some logs or some random things in a chest to get started back. Smp4 8981.
  20. kim in smp1 thogh and i would liken some wood and stuff