Agrarian Skies [Modpack]

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  1. Agrarian Skies
    Agrarian skies is a modpack available from the Feed The Beast launcher. The modpack is about rebuilding the world from next to nothing. Your first few steps are to harvest your starting tree, get silkworms from the leaves, infest the leaves with your silkworm, harvest string from those leaves, make a sifter and barrel to make dirt and cobble, and go from there. Agrarian skies is a skyblock style map, but it's a bit more challenging than that. Your island isn't that comfy little plot of land you're used to. Your island is, well, this:
    That chest contains nothing more than a water source block, a hopper, and a book.
    That book is your key to life.
    That book is your quest book: a book with a series of quests that will guide you through your journey. Those quests will give you various rewards. They range from crafting a bed (and a few other wooden things) to getting a bunch of bees, to, well, let's just say, I hope you like the color purple.
    Oh, also, it's not called hardcore questing for nothing. If you die three times, it's, well, game over.
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  2. Hot damn! Been waiting for this. I've been recommended it sooo many times but no one could tell me the name of it. You sir are a life saver.
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