Afterwind: Free Browser Based RTS.

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  1. Afterwind is a cool mmo game where you can have up to 10/20 players who play on a variety of maps. You can play in Asia, Europe, Africa, At the americas, a combination of them, or the whole world. The goal is to use strategy and units to conquer land and opponents. It has a money system for taking over countries and buying units, a "Reinforcement" system so you can't make endless armies, and alliances. You can be any sufficient country on the map and choose a color. It features an awesome lobby system with friends, and an upgrading system called Strategy Points.

    If you subscribe for 6 bucks a month, you get to talk to everyone who is playing a game or in a lobby, good for advertising, you get to buy custom updates and perks, and you get to have new settings for games like whole world maps and much more. I love this game and am pretty good. Im looking for people to play with, preferably in the US west coast time zone, and was hoping some other people could get a kick out of it.
  2. But its not better than MINECRAFT!!!!!!!
  3. Its a totally different game
  4. True Fact: about 50% or more of all video games are better then minecraft.
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