After Almost Two Years Of Endless Awesomeness, Empire Minecraft Is Not What It Used To Be... A Poem.

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  1. I have been playing EMC for a VERY long time. It all began, well... Almost two years ago.
    I began with many ambitions but without the skill to make them reality.

    So, I created waterslides and fun. Although it quickly ceased pleasing me.

    I tried to create enjoyment. I tried and tried, but all my efforts were to no avail.

    After a month of work, I lost hope and from the wild spawn I set sail.

    I adventured far and wild, seeking only to find others.

    But all I found was desolation no future blood-brothers.

    I went on and on, till finally I was killed, by the blade of a zombie I had kept in a room.

    I was with endless surprise, he was the only person I talked to, that he had killed me so soon.

    So I left the Empire, my residence was obliterated, I only returned after two months of boredom.

    But finally, connections did grow. I found some friends. We created without end.

    Amazing structures found no where else. "Friends?" you ask, oh yes they were god-send.

    Among them were MunkyManiac3, MrSmiley99, KingMontyMoo, Willy123Morse and Spssanpsebastian.

    We had great times, but now it is done. And Empire Minecraft is left slightly less fun.

    MunkyManiac3, slipped far from my side, and MrSmiley99 lets just say he has ceased to talk to me.

    KingMontyMoo, like MunkyManiac3, left me. Willy123Morse, got sad, swore and got banned.

    So now the only friend left is spssanpsebastian. We speak even less because of international time difference.

    But I won't ever leave. It's just that I have much less fun. Oh what I'd give to meet my old friends again...

    If you ever meet these people on any game, please tell me. I miss them. Thankyou. (Particuarly MunkyManiac3 And KingMontyMoo.
  2. Sometime we all just need a break. :)
  3. Although EMC has changed I do agree,
    EMC is not what it used to be.
    I and many others would say,
    It is definitely still the place to play.
    That is my attempt of a poem
  4. Nice poem but why the small text in the mmiddle :confused: