AFK Player not counted as a "player"?

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  1. Quick question here, I've set up a villager breeder on a residence and have been AFK for an hour or two. While I was building the thing, a few villagers bred, however after I left the computer for an hour no further villagers had spawned. There shouldn't be anything wrong with the breeder itself as it WAS working earlier.

    I was told that after becoming "Away", the server no longer counts you as an entity. If this is true would this explain why no villagers are breeding as a player must be nearby, and I'm no longer counted as a "player"? If this isn't true, am I doing something wrong? I'm so confused :confused:
  2. It does this to me when I am breeding animals for long periods of time, Ill afk to let them grow and they wont unless I make them attract to me with wheat/carrots. So for villagers you might just have to make an afk pool or an afk minecart track.
  3. I'll try the minecart and see if it works, hopefully it will
  4. I believe auto afking is not allowed, but it might just be the mine blocks trick with F9 or 10 (can't remember)
    In any case, it might just be the villagers need motivation. :p
  5. Its allowed, as long as you respond to a staff member if they say something to you within a reasonable ammt of time :)
  6. I drenched the villagers in barrels of this but I guess it didn't smell quite good enough.
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  7. The afk-coaster thing still sent me Away.. not sure what, if any, solutions there are to this?
  8. Leave chat open? When I do that it shows me as online ;3
  9. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You killed the villagers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  10. Tried that so it would tell me if I went Away and I did.
  11. Make and afk pool. The water takes you around in circles, Great way to outsmart aikars evilness :p
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