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Disable AFK kicking unless server is full?

Yes 18 vote(s) 85.7%
No (if no please comment why) 3 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. What's the point in kicking people for being AFK if there are only 8 players on the server? I'm at my grinder waiting to harvest XP and I got kicked. When I returned at least 20 mobs glitched out, and the trapped mobs despawned.

    Should the system change to kick players who go AFK only when server is full?
  2. It's a good concept, but I reckon it would be too much work , having to be able to determine when the server was full through active members or people who've been idling for a couple of hours would be difficult i think. And i suppose it's best to reduce the pressure on the server when possible :)
  3. Justin has already said he will look at changing the AFK kick to only occur when server is full. I would also hope that he looks at using more than just position for kicking as players have complained about being kicked while playing just because they where unlucky to be in the same position at two consecutive sweeps of the AFK kicker.
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  4. Moderators dosen't get kicked when they are afk i think.
    For a month ago i played on this server for like 4-6 hours and gamekribjim was online the whole time on his res but he didn't move :S
  5. Why should Moderators get kicked? They don't take up a Player slot as far as I'm aware and it allows them to monitor (Before Square) what was going on in chat.

    The AFK topic is heated somewhat in that it means people can gain unfair advantage by simply going in a circle in a cart whilst their Netherwart / Mob Grinder etc fills up.

    Some argue that MC is a game you need to play to progress in, not just go away for an hour at a time whilst the world ticks around you.

    Some argue that if the server isn't full, why not?

    I feel that if this were to come in, then it would be AFK OFF until server is at five below full capacity. So if they currently hold 60, then AFK is OFF until the population hits 55. This means there are always open slots (Unless the Server is genuinely full of active Players).
  6. They do take up player slots...
  7. They can join when server is full, just like supporters.
  8. I'm pretty sure Justin has already mentioned the possibility of changing it to only kicking when the server is full.
  9. What if every player gets like 5 min (or so) per week afk time, that he or she can aktivate and deactivate through chat?
    So that you can aktivate a timer when your about to go afk and stop it again when you return (or the system stops it) and when your times up or you didn't aktivate it, the default idle time is runnung for you.
    That also maybe a good supporter feature.
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  10. My personal opinion -- we should only be kicked after server is full, maybe the same time we get kicked after being AFK ATM. Maybe as a supporter perk all supporters get extra time, or don't get kicked at all. And the whole thing should just be taken out of Utopia, honestly; what's the point?
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  11. We have a perk which allows us to join when server is full, I think it's for the best to enable afk kicking only when server is full, even for supporters.
  12. I think there should be exception for utopia. i've never seen more than 1/4 of the total available slot filled there.
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  13. Utopia, I agree with.

    However, here's an interesting thought:

    What about the potential for extra server strain if you've got a bunch of people stood at grinders AFK'ing or other farms (Wart) or somesuch that only works with the Players in the vicinity? It's all making the server work and really, most AFK requests are for just such things.
  14. Yes I am going to do this, I am sorry I haven't gotten to it yet :)
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  15. Today as part of a batch of updates ( I changed the idle kick so that it will only happen if the connected players is greater than max players - 10 (so 50).
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