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  1. Please note that this is NOT a mod request. I made this thread to discuss the mod, The Aether. It is one of the biggest projects in modding history and is soon going to be updated. When it is, I will post a link on this page to the following mods:
    The Aether
    Too Many Items
    Rei's Minimap
    Huge Trees Are Huge
    and Forge
    The Aether is far behind on schedule right now, and was supposed to be updated last month on the 25th. If you want more info on the Aether, just go to The Aether team has been working on updating it since 1.1. You have to enjoy the Aether while it's updated, because since it's such a big project, it will take up full releases of Minecraft to be updated its self. You can post discussion on the Aether if you want.
  2. I look forward to this mod being finally updated and i wonder....will it be smp?
  3. There actually will be a multiplayer version of the Aether, Sha449 and I will be hosting an Aether server when it comes out.
  4. It would pretty awesome if they could somehow integrate this into FTB too
  5. Yeah, but the Aether is a massive project on its own already so it would be more worth it just to download it separately. If it was added in FTB, then the download would take forever.
  6. It'd probably be in a pack that was added specifically to include aether
  7. if it was in ftb they might run out of block ids lol
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  8. lol
  9. If you are ever on a multiplayer Aether server and get phoenix armor, keep it safe and don't jump in water. There is never a chance that you can get a full suit of it, and it can only be obtained by killing the gold dungeon boss.