[Advisory] Do not fall "victim" to the Club Nintendo free pokemon game offer

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by autumnrain26, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. So Club Nintendo is currently having an offer in where if you have a 3DS, 3DSXL, or 2DS registered into your Club Nintendo account and 1 of 6 qualifying games (Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Donkey Kong Country Returns, LEGO City Undercover, or Yoshi's New Island (Which comes out in a couple weeks)), you will be able to get to choose a digital copy of Pokemon X or Y for free. There is a small catch that does not appear in the promotion page but hidden deep in the FAQ page posted in Support. Both the game and the system, need to be registered between Mar. 1st, 2014 and Mar. 31st, 2014, if either were registered prior to the Mar. 1st date, you are ineligible to receive the free Pokemon game. As well as the system needing to be registered via the Club Nintendo code in the paperwork that comes with the system, not by serial number. This is really a good offer but I am advising you to be careful if you see the offer and then try buying one of the games to get the free Pokemon game only to rage that the offer doesn't appear and then you find out why later on.. :oops:
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  2. So if I bought a 3DS right now, and one of the qualifying games, I am good to go? I was actually looking at this exact promotion.
  3. Yes, if you buy a new 3DS, 3DSXL or 2DS (Or if you haven't registered your old one yet with the Club Nintendo pin) and one of the qualifying games, and you need to register the game and the system into your Club Nintendo account between Mar. 1st and Mar. 31st, you will get to choose one of the Pokemon games as a free download.
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  5. Dangit I always get hosed with these. I got my 3DS 2 years ago on my anniversary, went straight home and and registered it. :/
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  6. I know how you feel, I bought Animal Crossing to get Pokemon Y and found out in the 15 hours it took to download that I was not eligible for the download because of the grey wording I saw on the promotions page and Kotaku's understanding of the promotion as it was told to them by a Nintendo Rep apparently was not correct and it was only after I read the FAQ that I found out that the promotion seems to be tricking people (from my understanding) with grey wording into buying games (and a new system) to be eligible for a free promotional game.. :oops:
  7. I told my husband when he was getting ready for work and he was just as surprised and irked about it. He says it's Nintendo cheaping out so they don't have to give out many/trying to get people to rush out and buy a DS.
  8. I would love to get this game if any of you are willing to give me your club nintendo codes, I just registered the 3DS, so I should be able to get either pokemon x or y with one of the six games' codes...please...