[Advice] How to stop baby pig zombies from spawning in a farm.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Mman, May 11, 2014.

  1. So I built a gold farm in the nether, i got it all set up but I find that baby pig zombies keep spawning and the pushers do not push them, does anyone know a way around this problem?
  2. how big is your piston pushers ?
  3. You can use a system where its pistons at feet level and tripwire at head level. Have all the pistons push when the tripwire is activated. Then the babies will be pushed off when adults are spawned. However, that requires you rework your whole farm. If you have 1 pressure plate to 1 piston its difficult.
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  4. if the trip wire and piston was switched then the baby zombies would not activate it.
  5. plus only 2 guys per 16 blocks can spawn so the chance of 2 spawning is very low.
  6. Mman, the babies don't have to activate it. If an adult spawns near it (which will be almost every time) then it will be pushed off.
  7. Should work! Good luck :)
  8. ok thanks
  9. tripwire at head level breaks when a piston (or block) moves underneath it, unfortunately
    I would know because this is the exact method I tried with my mob farm, meaning I had to completely reconstruct the system again after it had failed to work that way :/
    EDIT: actually plain piston heads do not break the wire, just the blocks being pushed do. The problem is it's kind of buggy when pushing mobs (the mobs tend to glitch through the non-opaque head). If you want to try it that way then go ahead, but logging out to despawn the babies might be a better option.