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  1. For those who need a sales boost they can pay me (nfell2009) 2,500r for a advert on EMCWeekly.UK.TC I will not keep the money, it will go towards Empire Weekly's comps etc

    Please PM me if you want me place you a advert with me!
  2. How long does this ad last? Until the next issue or forever?
  3. Sorry since reply its weekly or we can make a offer
  4. Isn't the person selling it running the ad space? It's where I bought the wiki sponsorship from...
  5. Pardon?
  6. Isn't Empire Weekly the video series? If so, why are you and not the owner selling the advertising?
  7. Lol I told nfell to let me run the website.
    Nfell is talking about advert for the unofficial website.