Adventures in a Changed World

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  1. Note: Sorry for any grammar mistakes made in any of my writing. I'm an English major but grammar has never been my strong suit.


    We were once known as the Builders. A group of powerful entities tasked with the creation of the Craft world. We were given power by the Master Crafter. Our power, to control the fabric of reality bringing into existence any know block to build with as we chose. Our numbers were small but our feats were great. We were all given a realm upon this plain of existence to form and shape as we so desired. All the realms were connected by the Nexus, a creation of the Master Crafter himself to hold the realms together.

    For untold ages we built and built and built some more but as we neared completion something was wrong. My brothers and sister began to disappear, the Master Crafter was missing and I found myself alone. The realms began to fracture and tear as without the Master Crafter controlling the Nexus the realms would cease existing. I tried my best to hold the Craft World together hoping beyond hope that the others would return. But....In the end I failed. Reality itself tore apart around me swallowing me into the void....I was pain....lost.

    Finally I gave up hope believing that the others and the master had been destroyed with reality I began to succumb to the void, but, as I did I could hear strange voices. As I opened my eyes tall thin silhouettes with piercing purple eyes hovered over me. Thinking myself doomed and weak I did not struggle. They dragged me along for what seemed like an eternity before placing me upon what appeared to be an alter.

    "What do you bring before me" said the deep growling voice above me.
    One of the creatures whispered indistinctly in the distance.

    "A BUILDER" the voice boomed, rattling me to my core.
    Suddenly I saw it scales blacker than the blackest abyss eyes like purple fire. I knew not what was before me but surly it would be my demise.

    "You can't be a builder. All the builders and their Master fled before the End" said the beast.

    "Not I" I struggled unable to even lift my head.

    "It is impossible to have survived the very fabric of reality ripping to pieces around you even for a builder"

    "Well I guess I didn't get that memo"

    The beast began to chuckle, "A builder returned after so long and one to have survived the End as well. You are indeed something special."
    It moved in closely whispering in my ear, "Your world is not gone"
    "WHAT" I exclaimed tearing into an upright position before falling limply once again.

    "Your world was destroyed, yes. However, I has been revived but not as it was. Now it is something different entirely."

    I breathed a sigh of relief knowing the world once again lived.

    "Do not get too happy Builder. The world has been poisoned by evil"

    I glared at the moster.

    "It is not of my doing I am merely a being of shadow such actions are below me. No this evil is brought on by something far more powerful than I" it paused for a moment, "but maybe not for you. You are a Builder after all maybe you can save the world from whatever taints it so."

    "I can barely move much less save the world from any sort of evil" I replied.

    "Exposure to the End will cause such to beings of Light. I shall rid you of the darkness so that you can fight this evil."

    "What do you get out of all this" I asked.

    "This evil doesn't just effect the world. It effects mine as well and I use virtually all my power just to repel the poison."

    I pause for a moment, "Fine I will fight this evil and find what is poisoning this world in hopes of saving at least one world"

    The beast rose one of its massive claws placing it over top of me and as it did I was bathed in a blinding light. When I rose I was in an open field much like days long past.


    Ok so this is where I'm going to end this entry. I want to try and have this function kind of like a story telling of my adventures on EMC. It may just end up growing into a story using some events that happen to me in EMC as well as the server itself but we shall see.

    So tell me does this sound good? Have suggestions? Criticisms? Questions?

    I shall post more hopefully a few times a week if everyone enjoys it. If no then I can always write something else :p
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  2. I love it! Suggestion: write another one ASAP
  3. Chapter 1

    This plain seems so familiar. Much like my original realm. As I picked myself up I realized that my clothing had changed. Now I wear some sort of holy garb that was white with black and red accents. What is all this. Suddenly I was assaulted with images and a searing pain in my head. I fell to my knees reeling from the pain. Suddenly it stopped. The pain was gone and as my vision cleared and I regained my senses I realized what happened, this isn't my body. This was some sort of reincarnation of myself. I now possessed all the knowledge of this form but I am lost. Did this person have to die so that I can live? Did this poor being deserve this fate?
    I tried to gather myself but I couldn't the thought of another dying on my account was unacceptable. I must have laid in the field for days before I heard whispers. They were faint but I could understand them.

    "Don't worry" they said.

    I sprung from my sorrow, "Who's there".

    The voices grew in volume, "Mike Greyholm".

    The voice was loud as though the person was standing right next to me but no one was there.

    "You appear to be in possession of my body. I feared this day would come"

    "What day what do you mean. Are you still alive or are you some sort of ghost haunting me" I demanded.

    "Don't get excited" he said, "Legend tells us of the Master Crafter and the Builders. God like beings that created the world. Legend says that to avoid the Great End that the Master and Builders fled and once the dust settles that they would return. However there was one Builder a sort of guardian that remained to try and face the Great End and prevent its happening. As I understand it he was unsuccessful. The Master and Builders returned and created once more but the Guardian Builder is said to return once again when dark times are on the horizon to hopefully prevent a second End. I believe you are that Builder. Things have changed since you've been gone."

    "What does this all mean though" I asked.

    "I don't know for sure. What I do know is that whatever darkness is in our future you and I are all that stands in its way."

    "Then how should we start"

    "Well your the Builder my best guess would be to build something. Possibly a fort as a base of operations. Possibly make some allies"

    "I supposed. I haven't built anything in so long and I don't seem to have my powers anymore."

    "No worries the work will be hard but I can help you with all the knowledge you need to begin.

    And now the learning begins. Stripped of his powers the Builder had to learn the world anew. Fortunately for him the owner of the body he now resides in was kind and a good teacher. The Builder was fast to learn and quickly became a veteran of this new world.

    Next Time:
    As he built his base of operations he began to try and help people. He would venture into the wilds where others feared to tread in an attempt to help out those who would become his allies.

    Chapter 1 complete. Thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions, comments, criticisms. Please leave a post. I am still new here and hoping to make some new friend. ^_^