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  1. recently i found an awesome survival map that had a story line of, you woke up in some room, when you leave you find yourself in an abandoned city, tall buildings, chests filled with goodies, you scavenge and rebuild the city.

    i want to try more of these survival maps/adventure maps... google as failed to give me websites that actually lead me to worthy maps.

    does anyone have any they have played/found that you could share the website or file with me? i like the adventure thing, walk around and find stuff.. it interests me a lot!

    ? :D
  2. no one has any map downloads or anything fun!? lol :(
  3. I think if you go onto the Yogscast's youtube page, you can play the adventure maps that they do I believe. They usually have a link below (failing that you could Google the names of the maps). This would only be any good if you don't watch them yourself, of course, though. :)
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  4. lol, thank you! i am going to have a see at this website. thank you muches!
  5. No problem, glad I could help you out. :)
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  6. im working on making an adventure map in EMC ive currently got 3 quests and 4 dungeons but its not going to be ready for a while yet :(
  7. On a lot?
  8. yes, on SMP2, iSMOOCH has beaten me to releasing a series unfortunately but my build is 4 times bigger than his ^^
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  9. I can't wait to see it! :)
    Be sure to post it on the forums when you're done. :)
  10. i will dont worry, your free to walk around the city now, its not complete yet, the dungeons are all sealed off though and ive not placed any of the quest signs
    /v 3153
  11. friendly competeing franchises then :p. This is good actually. If we time releases right, Mine gets the public wanting, then you release, then when they are bored with yours, bam, my new one is out.

    Im not really going for size per se on mine.. just fun. Something to keep the townies entertained.
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  12. haha :p i would hopefully finish mine within 2 weeks but im now working away with rubbish internet till thursday D:
  13. There are, of course, Vechs survival maps. I have them all if you want meg, or you can simply go and google them. Very fun, if not frustrating >.>
  14. I just visited it .. really nice. But beware.. *a little spoiler* part 2 of my series is in on two Utopia lots :p. But the extended feel of yours is really nice. I do like it. Cant wait to play it :)
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  15. i saw you log on, but i was 24k blocks away :( and im now lost trying to get back :/
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  16. i'll try those as well, i didn't really like the ones yog had... i like the ones without puzzles, or something you fallow rules. i like when you are dropped into a world, you find what you need to survive possibly a small fallow this story line, but not really.. i like something like this.
  17. They dont have much of a story, just a survive however possible goal
  18. can you link me to the website that has all of the maps listed (if there is one)