Advent of Code

Discussion in 'Byte Chat' started by chickeneer, Dec 1, 2023.

  1. Hey all. Any programmers out there? I am participating in the Advent of Code event for this year.

    Join in with me if you want. :)

    I have done Day 1. Seemed fun, so I reckon I will keep going.

    I am not looking to teach anyone to code through this. But I will be glad to give some pointers on solving the puzzles as they come out! honestly, I am here for the puzzle. Basically a month long game.
  2. i like to inform you im hackerman
    trust me bro

    disclaimer im not a hacker man and do not know any ting about coding the closest ting i know to coding is copy and pasting in comand blocks
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  3. Cool! This is not the time for me to try out something like this, though, as December is as usual quite busy for me, and I'm also doing two courses at university (it's normal to do two courses, but recently I've usually taken one at a time).