Advanced warfare

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  1. Anyone want to play with me? I have it for PS4. I have no mic.

    Other than that, how are your opinions about the first week? Personally, I'm loving the game. The campaign wasn't as good as BO1, but the multiplayer tops BO2. I'm not including Ghosts in this comparison because I thought Ghosts was a joke.



    By the way, ;) check this bad boy out. Got it last night. 1 Kill away from DNA bomb.

  2. I am EXTREMELY hesitant to buy Advanced Warfare, as Ghosts was a huge let down, and I only enjoyed the zombies aspect of BO2, which Advanced Warfare does not have. Just my opinion though.
  3. I heard zombies might be in a DLC.
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  4. First, Nice sig. I like Monty Python.

    Ghosts was a waste, I agree. I was skeptical of buying advanced warfare, but I did and I'm loving it. Try to see if one of your friends has it. Ask him or her if you can play it. Advanced warfare does have zombies btw. The zombies aren't like Bo1, WAW, and Bo2, they actually sprint. (But to unlock zombies, you have to buy it as it's a DLC)
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