Advanced Redstone

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  1. Despite my hesitance to making a youtube channel, i now have one...

    and my earlier builds are on imgur at

    I would like to see more redstoners on emc, even though i'm sure aikar would hate me for promoting things that make lag :p, i have learned alot since i've started and am willing to share and help others grow, i love to invent new things daily and would love ideas, input, and others that are willing to learn. Redstone is basic electronics, my roommate was an electrician, and i am actually looking into going back to college for it, so let's make something awesome together!
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  2. Nice! You always have seemed to have a thing for Redstone. I understand basic Redstone logic, but nothing close to what you do.
  3. I make lots of redstone stuff.
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  4. -CHALLENGE!!!!-
    make a moving ship that requires no constant resources... although this might not be possible BUT I have come very close to it.
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  5. Cool! I love all of your creations, and as I am terrible at redstone, I can't wait to learn more! Keep on wiring! EDIT: Checked out the imgur, the sugar cane farm and the tree farm look awesome!
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  6. You Sir just earned an Ironic Sub! I'm BAD at most advanced redstone so I could learn something
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  7. im a good redstoner with yt tutorials
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  8. if you are skilled with redstone i could use some assistance in my drop party room potentially making things...smaller, less laggy, or simpler :D
  9. You could use piston trains but it'd have to be in every row, and you wouldn't be able to use wire or switches..
    So itd take alot of time, but i never say anything's impossible...

    I'd love to, ill see where you want it to fit and ill put a randomizer on a clock to make it.
  10. theres about 26 randomizers on there at present gonna be 32 before its all said and done, my randomizer machines are bulky tho so i gotta fit other things around em
  11. I use a 4 output randomizer that use a dropper, 4hoppers and 4 comparators, youd just need to chain 11 of them together,I'll be home in a few hours to start on it :)

    A 2 output randomizer, to two 4 output randomizer, to four 4 ouput randimers on each
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  12. would you be interested in building the sugar cane and tree farms for me?
  13. redstone is one of my strengths but you are probably better than I
  14. i can, if you help with the supplies to build it, i can give you an estimate for how much of what, i just need to know the size of the cane farm you want.

    well, i am very patient and a good teacher from what i've been told, and you have a unique perspective, you might see a way to do it that's different or find another use for it, so if you wanna help me make my 2nd res a redstoners' archive, i'm sure we could both learn from it ;)
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  15. I'm terrible with redstone :p
  16. sure pm me the details
  17. it's all about learning how to manipulate a signal into what you want, there is more than 1 way to do anything you want, so all it takes is understanding how to make a redstone signal dance for you, a great place to start is goklayeh's redstone lab, just download it and place in your world saves folder, it has everything you need to get started, it's what got me into serial bussing and the more advanced redstone.

    unfortunately the site that has goklayeh's lab is down, i'll post it once its back up, another place i go for redstone goodness
  18. I recommend the app iredstone ;)
  19. I don't want to put in the work to use it either though :p