Advanced Commands for Shop Signs?

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  1. Hello,

    I've searched the forums about this without any luck, and the Empire Guide only provides the basic commands for Shop Signs. I'm looking for a list of the advanced commands that can be used on Shop Signs, i.e. for selling Enchanted Items or EMC Custom Items. I've also looked through the guides on the Forums, and couldn't find one that makes mention of the more advanced shop commands, so maybe that's something someone could do in the future.
  2. Well, u can sell EMC items by putting [slot 1] in the bottom row and putting the item in the first slot of the chest
  3. Welp I know of two things you can use for Enchanted buy/sells

    Buy Portion
    SingleChest |DoubleChest
    [Slot:26] or [Slot:53]

    Sell Portion
    SingleChest |DoubleChest
    : Price
    [Slot:27] or [Slot:54]

    This way if you have 2 items in the chest someone is able to buy one but not buy the last, but there will always be an item in the chest to sell by...

    Another advanced shop tutorial is you 'DON'T' have to type your name on the first line of the sign

    You also 'DON'T' have to type letter S or s or B or b when distinguishing the buy or sell ... just make sure to use a colon ( : ) when making a sell
  4. I believe that you can sell enchanted items with the /iinfo or /item info command. (hold the item and type that command to get the item id)
  5. Unless if Aikar fixed that, the last time I checked that still doesn't work.
  6. I was going to check but everything is down. I will check later and post back.