Advanced Cartography Project Ideas

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  1. Hey! So i'm taking advanced cartography in my final semester of undergrad and I was wondering if anyone had any map topic ideas for me? Preferably something that hasn't already been done (so not red vs. blue states etc.)

    I need to come up with something by tomorrow morning and unfortunately I'm unable to acquire the data in time for my original idea (pick-up origin of emergency medical transfers in the area related to another class i'm taking this semester)

    The map is supposed to tell a story based on something academic/research and could be as simple as where and how we get salt for the roads. It just can't be about history because that's another map project.

    All suggestions are greatly appreciated! I'm working with adobe illustrator so pretty much anything goes :D
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  2. this sounds sweet, I'm studying stuff like this in college so I should have some ideas. I'll think about it for a lil bit and get back to you !
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  3. Yay! Thank you!
  4. If that is what you're researching then you should know of our de-icer product of the west.

    It's revolutionary from the 90s but makes a mess out of your car. The link I provided is just a little history. I would definitely look into the benefits against cons.
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  5. the origins of road salt grows in complexity :eek:

    Turns out I actually have until friday XD

    Baltimore riots idea - shot down - too narrow, over done

    Oh the huge manatee! - shot down - maybe should have pitched it with a less Prague graffiti approach. Professor told me i should buy a t-shirt and move on