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  1. So, here I am with my 2nd EMC business. I will be selling things to people (you guys :p), ANY block/thing in Minecraft (with some restrictions). Please be reasonable, for example, don't order 1 stack of beacons-that'll never happen. You can pick up the item you order at my res, or you can pay the delivery charge, and I'll deliver. Do give me at least 2 weeks to get any orders over a stack completed-I have a lot of school. I do sell BY THE STACK. Here is a GENERAL PRICE LIST:

    1 stack of any wood: 100r
    1 stack of cobblestone: 32r
    1 stack of stone: 48r
    1 stack of sandstone: 48r
    1 stack of any color wool: 32r
    1 stack of iron: 350r
    1 stack of stone brick: 48r
    1 stack of melons: 10r
    1 stack of wheat, potatoes, or carrots: 20r
    1 stack of nether wart: 30r
    1 stack of eggs: 10r

    If there is anything here that you don't see, but you would like to order, PM me here:

    I do not sell Beacons, Wither Skulls, or EMC Fireworks. If you want to order a firework, PM me.
  2. I have left you a PM :)
  3. you can sell cobble & stone to 18769 on smp9