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  1. So.. I was reading a thread earlier and saw that there were some, (nasty) not very child friendly adverts on the site, So I was just wondering if Justin has any control over the adverts on the site, if so can he remove them for the sake of the younger kids.
  2. No its choose by google and your search history
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  3. PM IcC with a screenshot, he will remove it :)
  4. Like fellyboy said try clearing out your cookies, catch, etc
  5. he cant do anything the ads are posted by google just do as i said
  6. Dirty ad = Dirty history... Shame on you!
  7. truedat.
  8. Our ads are based on for the most part your interests based on your IP from searches you've done. You can go here: and manage what type of ads you want to see or not see.

    If you DO see one that is obviously over the limit (porn), please privatly share us a screenshot of that site (or even better, a link to it). Though I don't think we'd ever get anything that bad as Google is pretty strict with their content.
  9. I get those ads on my dads on laptop... oh god.
  10. The link is broke
  11. omfg
  12. CTRL+H on chrome type in Po and see ur dads things when ur at school and ur mom is at work xD
  13. Try now.
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  14. Does it work for me, still not for me....
  15. Hm...popping up for me okay. Not sure what's wrong.
  16. I'm on my dad's laptop now!
  17. I keep getting 'Buy a thai wife" even though i've never googled for a new wife?
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  18. They dont just use defined searches they use other 'key words'
  19. Link of site please, joking :)
  20. You think im get the pics tomorrow :p