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  1. My cousin, [color+red] lava_superman [/red] can't join the EMC servers. I have tried 5 different
    computers, and it did not work on any of them. Is my cousin blacklisted? Or is there a requirement that I didn't know about.

    P.S If you are not ADMIN/MOD and you don't have anything related to this to say,

    ~Thank you :D
  2. Have you changed the emails also try to make sure he is using the right password
  3. Uh, My dad won't let me use his and my mom will not let me use hers. actually, maybe I could use my brother's, but I have to ask him and he is away @ camp.
  4. make another one on hotmail or google there free and it can be your personal one
  5. I just told you, my mom won't let me make another E-mail.
  6. Well I guess I have to ask my bro.
  7. in fact you said she wouldn't let you use hers that is strange she won't let you make a new one but she is your mom and you should respect her rules. on the topic i wouldn't know how to help your cousin
  8. just use you don't make an email, You just sign up to EMC with it and then access it.
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  9. Ya, my friend just called me and said:
    hey, I can't log on, and I explained the whole problem to him here.
  10. Check that the email you are using hasn't placed the confirmation email in the junk folder. I am assuming that your cousin has signed up on the forums already?
  11. No, he hasn't
  12. Well, there is your problem. You need to be a member of the forums before you can access the server. When he tries to join it will give him a little code and say he isn't a member.
  13. Anyway GTG see your posts tomorrow
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  14. You don't have to say you have to go... This isn't a chat room -_-
  15. lol he's already posted this same problem - we all tried to help on the other thread but he doesn't listen.
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  16. Oo I thought Ive heard this before
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  17. You know this sounds a lot like my " YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS?!" thread :D
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  18. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! yea......
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  19. How to sign up to EMC:
    1. If in doubt create ONE thread and follow the instructions given, especially when these are repeated by a member of senior staff.
    2. Press the large (actually, it's quite small) register button at the top.
    3. If you don't have an email then do one of the following. Either:
    a) Make a new one. It's not like you have to tell anyone.
    b) Use
    4. Complete thy olde sign up process
    5. Restart Minecraft and connect to an EMC server
    6. ???
    7. Profit! :D #simples
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  20. Simple!