[ADMIN PLEASE READ] Reset my rupees

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by DefiantPie, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Could an admin please reset my rupees to the amount you get when you start becase i would like to start fresh iv allready got rid of my res and now i need my money reset so could this please be done.

    My in game name is DefiantPie
  2. Why would you want to have everything reset to start fresh? Surely just resetting your res is enough to have a blank canvas to work on.
  3. Unfortunately, we can't do that. What you're basically asking us is, "I spent all my rupess from when I started, and I want them back again."

    This wouldn't be fair as we'd have to do it for everyone who asked then.
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  4. Grow some tree's
  5. Is his Rupees below the 1,500?
  6. If your above 1.5k and do just want to reset, just give away the rest of the money, otherwise you are asking for free money that the rest of us don't get.
  7. The only way to "start fresh" is to buy another copy of Minecraft. If you're going to spend the $26 on that, though, a better way to get more rupees is to become a supporter or donate to the Empire. If you don't have money for any of those options, think about starting a player shop; some of the wealthiest players in the Empire don't get any more rupees per day than you do but they run successful shops. If you aren't sure how to run a successful shop, there are some great posts on this topic in the Community Marketplace section of the forum. A current good one by kilmannan can be found here. Familiarize yourself with the rules for running/advertising shops, too. Spamming chats is not a good method of advertising because you can't earn any rupees if you're banned.:)

    Good luck, and remember that having fun is a rule.

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  8. I think he wan't to like give his account to someone I don't know though