Adding a pay to open door system

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  1. Pls could somebody investigate into the possibility of a system where you can pay to open doors or use levers buttons etc I think this would help everybody who has things like theme parks as people could still use it when they're offline also maybe a permanent one for buying rooms at a hotel etc I was thinking it could work somewhat like a shop chest.
    Could somebody please tell me if this is possible or if I'm just being spoilt :)
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  2. I think this would be a great idea, now i am not sure how coding works, but i do believe it would be possible, however don't take my word for it. If it is possible, it may take some time and effort to do so
  3. It would be possible, and has been suggested before. The issue here is scams and rip offs. Imagine if chest shops were setup so that when you buy the item it just gives you whatever is in the chest, or nothing if it is out. This would be the problem with something like "pay buttons", example: "click this button to play the slot machine" but the dispenser is empty. "pay to open this door and sheer all the sheep you want" but after you pay no sheep can be found", etc.
  4. Another Perk for Supporters perhaps to minimise the abuse?

    That would also make it easier to police.
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  5. Yeah you are correct, that would make it easier to police, nice idea :)
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  6. Oh thanks I understand now also I'm pretty sure you spelt shear wrong lol sorry just wanted to correct Justin guy :D
  7. BAN! lol yeah I did. I am not saying I am against pay buttons just that we would have to figure out a balanced way to do this.
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  8. Btw thanks for replying so fast really didnt expect this kind of response
  9. Ok I do agree that supporters only is quite a good idea as most of them would be to dedicated to EMC to try and cheat (not that everybody else isn't, I know it's my favourite server * wink*)
  10. Ok I've thought about it and I think your right there is no foolproof way but maybe we could still do the permanent one so like the door is open so people could look around or it could just be one of those things where people would just have to use their common sense I mean you could just warn people not to go walking into windowless tunnels for 50,000 rupees also word spreads quickly and any cheaters would be abandoned by the community the minute somebody uses it also we have the /report button thanks to you great geniuses *wink* *again*
  11. Also justinguy you know people can report you lol it's not like your gonna ban yourself
  12. Happy 100th post to me sorry saw the 99 and I just thought ok why not
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  13. I think it is people's choise to enter such a park or hotel room and they will learn from it if they get scammed anytime. I would like to do this as well for my huge Tower on SMP4 to rent rooms, that would be so awesome but then you need a temporary acces if you rent it for a week for instance.
  14. This is exactly what I'm proposing and yes it would make regular payments much much easier
    And about the scamming I think justinguy would just have to give a very big warning
    I also think we should have some coding to stop two people getting in
  15. Justinguy if after all of this your willing to go ahead with it maybe we could have a poll then like a seven day trial of the system so you could decide if it's worth overlooking the scamming because I personally have never been scammed by ANYONE IN EMC due to the great community you've created
  16. You really need to starting using the Edit button instead of making new posts minutes after each other. :)
  17. i know but i was on my ipod and editing posts is always dodgy however a lot of these are actually edited already but yeah sorry for spamming this thread
  18. Sheer sheep are sheep that you can actually see through!
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  19. lol