Add Waypoints to Live map

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Would this make using live map easier/more usefull in the wilds?

Yes it would make it easier to use 9 vote(s) 100.0%
No it would not help 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I don't use live map 0 vote(s) 0.0%
What is live map? 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. As I was scrolling around on live map to get to where my wild base is located I though how nice would be be to have the ability to set a marker or waypoint on livemap we could simply click on to take us to a specific x z location.

    Example: If my wild base was at x37921 and z -81452 I could set that exact location as a clickable link to take me there on live map instantly versus having to drag the map around to get there. This would work only in the wilds (frontier or nether), not in the wastelands or town.

    Perhaps you should be required to actually visit the location and put up a sign that says:

    Waypoint [number]

    Have a small rupee cost (say 100) to place the sign, make it unbreakable except by the player that places it, and allow up to 2 more player names to be added just like you can with a locked sign. Limit the number of way points that can be placed to 1 for members 2 for iron 5 for gold and 10 for diamond supporters.
  2. This would be hard to track. Dynmap is a plugin that us developed outside of EMC, Aikar does not code it. He may be able to modify it to encorporate this though.
  3. Yes that will work nicely for what I wanted :) much thanks.
  4. Though, it would still be cool if someone added waypoints some how or another :3
  5. Nice, i didn't know about these. it'll come in handy. :)

    What would be nice is if we could enter coords into the coord box of the livemap, and hit enter to take us there.

    Entering in the coords into url is a bit cumbersome :)
  6. How about the live map has a search option where you would enter x and z coordinates and it will take you to that spot on the map
  7. It would take very minimal skill to create an app that does EXACTLY this... *looks at JackBiggin*...

    like.. super easy.
  8. So the live map is capable of knowing your Y coord? Interesting... I may be able to use this for something...
  9. this is a good idea... nuff said