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  1. On SMP6 we hourly get folks asking "Anyone wanna PVP?" and similar queries, often several
    times over a period of a few minutes.

    Also, once a couple of people move to /PVP area, they often continue to verbally joust on the
    Town chat channel.

    Suggestion: Implement a PVP Chat Channel (/chat p)

    Just as market related posts should be made on the Economy channel (/chat e), requests to
    PVP should be made on the PVP channel. Over time we could train people to use that channel.

    And a related change, make it so that people in the PVP arenas are only allowed to talk on
    Local or PVP channels.
  2. +1
    I believe that you should automatically be switched over to PVP chat when you visited the arena and changed back when you left.
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  3. In my opinion, it would be too excessive to have a whole channel just for the PvP arenas.
  4. lol, join us for a few days on SMP6 and you might change your mind... :)
  5. Well Aikar is working on a Games server so no pint, coz the pvp will move there.
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  6. I didn't read that as including PVP arenas, but if so I'm all for it
  7. Well, to answer your concerns, town chat is the suitable place to ask if people want to PvP, as it's heard by the most people. But if they continue to ask to the point where it breaches the rules on spamming in chat, make sure to report it.
    Once in the arena, switching to res, local or even group is the intended idea, as only those who are PvPing would hear it.
    We have an economy chat channel simply because of the large amount of buying/selling that would happen across all servers. As PvP is only on smp6, it simply doesn't justify a need for the channel.
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  8. While I'm here, thanks to a neat little suggestion in IRC, the enter message has now been changed.
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  9. ur a very good chinny :D