Add /entcount to Guide's "All Commands" page

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by halley, May 4, 2013.

  1. Very small point, but:

    I keep forgetting the /entcount command, and forget where I discovered it. It's not listed on the Empire Guide page listing "All Commands." It's listed in the last sentence of another Guide page.
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  2. the guide needs to have a HUGE blast of redo-ness. it really, really sucks. no wonder newbies don't know how to claim a res. IT DOESN'T SAY IT EASILY! it needs to have it's own page
  3. The guide needs many things - however JustinGuy's the only person that's able to update it.

    [SITE-1] includes Aikar mentioning that flags need to be added to the guide - so I presume eventually it'll get a decent sized revamp. Hopefully entity info'll eventually be added to the guide - although remember that often bits of help are often in the Help & Support forum, prefixed with [GUIDE]. :)
  4. no perms. jack, could you get me a account?
  5. No - Track is bug team only. Just click the "login as guest" link in the top right corner. :)
    EDIT: If you can't view site stuff on Track as a guest, then sorry. >_< You should be able to though - so I'll ask Aikar about it.
  6. I can't do anything... lol
  7. What does it do?
    EDIT: It involoves animals.