Add a warning before kicking for idling.

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  1. When you are doing "Sedentary" (Writing a Book comes to mind...) work, but still very much playing the game, you can get kicked. This leads you to lose work.

    What I propose is that there be more warnings before kicking a player, preferably something auditory.

    For example, you could send, say, three /tells in a row ten seconds or so before you will get kicked, providing a distinct auditory signal (three dings) and enough time to move or save your work.

    I'm sure this would help people tremendously.
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  2. Bold, bright ten-second countdown in chat helps. I've seen it on other servers, it's handy. Auditory would also help. Not a fan of sudden kicks
  3. A warning i usually go by is the "You are now away" in blue letters.

    Assuming the server is full. thats a good 10 minute warning or so
  4. Wait, so if you are waiting on mob spawners, you can get kicked simply for being idle? I can understand being idle for like an hour (that means something else is usually going on), but the way you guys say it is, it makes me think that it is mostly random when you are kicked...
  5. +1
    Possibly 15 seconds before hand instead(that extra 5 seconds is nice =P), and a different tone than /tell, I personally get a lot of tells and I just ignore them if I'm doing something else xD

    very true, but a 10-15 second warning right before being kicked, would be nice aswell.
    and the away message comes up I believe every 10 minutes?

    its like 15 or 20 minutes before you get kicked... 10 minutes for "away message" and another 5-10 minutes until you get kicked(I believe you only get kicked if server is like 60/70% full...*speculation*)
  6. The server does have to be 3/4 full I believe. Since we have high traffic with holidays and all and the player cap just got lowered, kicks are finally happening unfortunately.
  7. I was actually kicked as well while writing a book. I had like 25 pages written and then kicked and when I logged back in. Back to page 1 with nothing written inside. +1 to this!
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  8. The problem with that is it's quite easy to miss. If there were some kind of auditory warning it would be more effective.

    I am aware. This is just a problem that seems like it would be easy to fix -- add some sort of auditory warning, either before you are about to be kicked, or when the server tells you you are "Away".
  9. Yeah, I've seen something like this on minigame servers. Big bold text in chat counting down to the kick, and a dinging sound. It's definitely a good system.
  10. +1 to the idea
  11. Sounds like a great idea, this will avoid some more book and quill accidents... +1!
  12. I don't think any of the ideas are that good. AFK farmers will use any of those features to better get around the system. The issue is we don't want players idling while the server is full.

    If you plan on writing a long book, then you should close the book every couple of pages and do something else. I would scream if I lost 25 pages of work, so think of it as saving your work as you go. Problem solved.

    I don't make decisions about the AFK system, nor do I know the exact details of when it gets triggered.