Actors needed - Now

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  1. Hey everyone!
    Do you want to appear in a Minecraft machinima?

    Alexhuac and I have a YouTube channel and right now we are working in a Cold War machinima, so we want you to act!

    Slot 1: U.S. general
    Slot 2: Soviet soldiers
    Slot 3: U.S. soldiers
    Slot 4: People

    If you want to join, please reply to this thread and let us know.
    Here are the skins you will need:

    Soviet soldier
    US soldier
    US general
  2. Do you have any rewards? otherwise people are less likely to join
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  3. Diamonds
  4. i was a bodygad for me dog 1nce, pls sign me up for this!
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  5. First of all, don't be afraid of the wall of instructions.
    Put the skin on, download the Technicpack, and after selecting voltz connect to the hamachi network called SanchezHuac, password SanchezHuac.
  6. Do we need to use voice chat?
    If not, I'd love to be a Soviet Soldier or U.S General. ;)

    P.S No, you can't fire me anymore now!
  7. No voice chat needed, just put the skin of a soviet soldier and follow instructions :)
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    Chas - Secret agent
    Alexhuac - Camera
    AlexHallon - Soviet soldiers
    samrawcliffe - US bodyguard
    IceCreamSnake - US commander
  9. I wouldn't mind acting. Though, will our youtube channels get a shout-out possibly if we request it in the desc?
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  10. When do we have to have the skin?
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