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  1. Hey all,

    I have been rather inactive over the last few months. I have been busy with work, and I have also been spending an abundant time with my wife and daughter. My schedule for work is now clearing up, and I am happy to announce I will be a lot more active across the EMC servers. I love these servers and am glad to be 100% back.

    Info on me.

    Some of you, maybe many of you don't recognize me, however I have been a moderator for EMC since the opening of SMP3.

    - I am 23 years old.
    - I am a firefighter
    - I enjoy gaming
    - I am married and have a daughter
    - I love to have fun

    If anyone needs my help contact me via forums, or if you see me ingame send a friendly hello! :)
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  2. YAY :) first post :p
  3. I remember you without a green name. Hmmm. Maybe I was drunk that day.
  4. Actually his name is not green now either :)
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  5. I've seen you around a few times, and might I say, welcome back to the Empire :D
  6. Neat, I am also a firefighter. I have a wife and a son (seen left). I know all about having the extra jobs. Welcome back.
  7. Is being a firefighter hard?
  8. It depends on where you live.

    In a major metropolitan, yes. Due to high rises and factories.

    In the country not so much. You will have alot of field fires.

    If you live in the American west, you battle wild fires that are miles long. I would say these are the toughest fires to fight. Although I have no experience with these.

    I like to tell people, firefighting is like putting on your heaviest winter suit, then going into an oven. After that you need to go into a place you have never been before, blind, find something that gets hotter the closer you get to it, and the building your in is getting weaker by the minute. Also consider the physical fatigue encountered from chopping, cutting, dragging, searching, and hauling.

    Yes, it can be tough when the job demands it. I have worked 36 hours straight with no sleep and had six house fires in that time.
  9. Hmm thanks for the info :)
  10. This..... Perfectly said. I live in Nevada, we deal with various type of wild land fires, and not too much factor/building fires.
  11. Your a fire fighter eh? Can you extinguish my burning passion for EMC? :p
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  12. there should be nothing in the world that would be able to do that
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  13. As soon as we find a way to extinguish the sun.
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  14. I'm getting to know a profile for being a mod at EMC.
    Look my prooves:
    ISMOOCH: In the military
    Twitch1: In the military
    FaustLauncher: Firefighter
    Green mystery: Still a mystery.
    EdmundWayne: In the military?

    Welcome back FaustLauncher, i didn't get to know you, but it's always happy to have someone back :p
  15. And NKJ is a nurse.
  16. I think Jeremy likes the heroes for moderators :p
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  17. LOL
  18. I remember when you were just a diamond supporter! :D
  19. Sometimes I stub my toe at work. Brutal.
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  20. Lol. We all take risk.