Action Figures of your skin?

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  1. Hey Emc,
    Last night I was doing some intent research ( blindly clicking random internet links) and came across this website: It is a 3d printing service that prints custom action figures of your minecraft skin. Who thinks that this is almost the coolest thing they've ever heard? I know I did :D
  2. My cousin bought one of these for his skin, they're actually pretty good! :)
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  3. I have decided I am getting these
  4. Yeah, im definately getting these for my boys, they will love them.
    Dad might like one too :p
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  5. A tiny figure of my skin would be awesome. I don't know about some other player's *cough*
  6. My dad and brother bought a 3d printer together and have been making all sorts of cool things. I love 3d printing.
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  8. For the price, I'd rather 3D model myself and get it printed at Shapeways or another printer (like if your school has one that the students can use or if your library has one for cheap use), although then you'd also have to paint it. This is still cool for convenience and the product comes straight to your door ready for action without any painting or anything :)
  9. Coming soon to your local wal mart: lifesize kryssy dolls:p
  10. I did a preview of my skin and since the skin has armor... it looks too blocky. If they added armors to it, man I would buy.
  11. Bump, making sure
    Everyone gets a chance to see this:)