[action] double chest of potion of swiftness (speed) (8 min)

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by jeroen3020, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. starting bid: 750r
    min bid: 100r
    ends of bid: 24 after the last bid.
  2. begin bid : 500?
  3. Wait because im nice 750r
  4. Jay the miner you have win when you pay me i can set up a acces chest
  5. Where to I pick up and what server?
  6. on smp9 res 9304 ( the access chest is in the marketplace but firs pay me and the you can get it)
  7. 9304 isnt on smp9!
  8. Jeroen, at the time that you declared him the winner, he had in fact not won. Only 5 hours and 50 minutes had passed since he bidded, and the OP stated that the auction would end "24 after the last bid" - which I'll take to mean 24 hours.
  9. :( aww Jack :(
  10. You've won now - as the 24 hours has finally passed. I was just letting Jeroen know that it hadn't ended when he said it had. Anyone could have bid after he said you were the winner.
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  11. I'm realy am sorry but i live in Holland and my time isn't corect whit this time:'(
  12. Smp4 but first pay me then i set up the access chest
  13. It would help if you were on the server then I can pay you :/
  14. I know a other way. Go to my res and then to the market place and then to the right there is a access sign above the door, go inside and i have place a shop (you can only buy 1 regular chest at the time or it canĀ“t in you inventory ;)
  15. Great thanks
  16. Dude your no good at this auction thing, your sellin 27 for 375r! Thats not right! Im buying full chest for 750r!
  17. Oh wait, blame me sorry rubbish maths xD
  18. Ok thanks, ive got them now, thank you now im off to auction them myself xD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.