ach i have a problem

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  1. my buddy got on my minecraft and updated and now im stuck with no way onto the server can someone help me?
  2. Try doing this.

    1) Go to your ".minecraft" folder.
    2) Right click on "bin" folder.
    3) Click "Properties".
    4) Click "Previous versions".
    5) Click on the earliest "bin" folder. (Assuming you just upgraded and did nothing else)
    6) Click "Restore", and "Restore" again. It'll restore the older "bin" folder, and hopefully your previous minecraft 1.1 jar is inside.
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  3. Never Thought about that Thanks (I don't need it but It will help in the future)
  4. and if not, then they have useful guides in the front page that shows certain programs you can use to get the old bin file back.