[Ace of Spades excavation service]

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  1. Do you need more space?


    No? (Why did you come here?)

    Then come visit our HQ at 18111 on smp9. our prices range from 20r per stack of dirt dug out to 600r per layer dug out! place an order at the HQ or pm me for details!
    have a nice day,
    Rabiesguineapig C.E.O.
  2. Do you do wild digs and do we use book & quills to order?
  3. Only if it is dirt and yes you do. there is a shop in the hq that sells them for 1 and you are welcome to order through a private message aswell :)
  4. Hi, I need a few layers dug out at my res. I will be on later this afternoon.
  5. Ok
    leave an order form at 18111 smp9
  6. (notice: your order may be delayed due to the fact that we are already completing another order)
  7. I have maybe 40 to 45 layers to be dug out. Could you do that for me?
  8. Sure, just tell me the res number and the server!
    I also need build