Ace Of Slades

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  1. This game is an AWESOME game, I love playing it and it is very addictive. It is based off of minecraft. Here is a video of what it looks like.

  2. I just got into this game it is what I do while I am afk at my grinder. Sadly I am still a noob and get my butt kicked every time I play.
  3. Hah, takes a while to get some strategies. Want me to post some game play explaining some of my strategies?
  4. It looks cool, but it won't even load for me. It stays at Loading Map forever. :(
  5. I played it before the maps were randomly generated, and when there were no airstrikes that homed in on your spawnpoint. I liked the game then, now I hate it :mad:
  6. That would be great.
  7. Alright I suggest that you subscribe to my youtube channel so you know when I upload it. ;)
  8. Looks like a fun game! I might try it! So is it basically a first person shooter where you can build?
  9. Yea I'll post a video of me playing it soon, if you can you should subscribe to my channel? ;3 Just a thought. I'll have it up by tomorrow morning recording it in a few min.
  10. I have it, fun game
  11. Uploading it right now in 108op Probably going to take a good 2 hours, oh well I'm dedicated to my channel XD. It is at 0 % >.>
  12. Here you are.

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  13. I've been playing this for a while it;s pretty fun.
  14. Can mac's use play it?
  15. I think so check out the videos! :3
  16. Looks pretty cool! Is it free though?
  17. Only if you warch and sub :) but yea it is free.