Accusation of selling overpriced items.

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  1. I have discalculia, so I have no idea of how much things should be priced. It sucks. So, I tried to sell 2 roses for 50r each, but then somebody came in and inspected my ENTIRE res. I decided to sell them for 3r each and somebody bought them. But then the person said:
    "How is a rose worth 100r? What a ripoff, and a blatant one at that too. I'll be letting the moderators know".
    So to all of those moderators: You now know the full story. Please don't ban me :( You can even ask LaLavenderLove (the person I sold the roses too!)
  2. SoulPunisher I suggest visiting allot of player stores and observe how their prices are and try to average those prices and you should come up with a price. If you want I can suggest prices for your shop, I am a experienced EMC player just to let you know :)
  3. you can be in no way punished ever by anyone (unless rules change in the future) for having something over-priced. in-fact, what constitutes over-priced? Its a relative term, changes between people, so if you want to sell them at 100r each, go ahead there is nothing wrong with that. :) But I don't think alot of people will buy it if any.
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  4. there is indeed no rule for priceing an item higher than what a player wishes to pay.
  5. Oh OK, I got scared for nothing then :p Thanks for telling me, iSmooch. Much appreciated!