Accuracy or Luck?

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  1. I'm not sure how to explain this...

    Basically, in the lobby of this server (and many other servers), you get a "Player Popper," which is a renamed bow. When you make a successful hit on a player, they get popped into the air. (Launched, more like, but whatever)

    The thing on the side of the screen is like a little leaderboard, but it only shows the player with the highest amount of players popped. I got up to 14 and someone surpassed me, but once I got to 30 it was a done deal. I spent about 30 minutes doing this. In the end, well...

    K then.

    Edit: There were some players that I hit from at least 50 blocks away. While the were moving. And I had to jump for some of them. :)
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  2. huh wat
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  3. Ok? Idk.Luck? Nice job hiding the server. ;)
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  4. Maybe you were the only one with the patience to do this for so long, so you ended up owning everyone else? Kinda like Don't know, just a theory :p
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  5. You pretty much summed up that half hour. ;)