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  1. -edit- removed due to being illegal
  2. where? on the gun?
  3. Thats sure original.
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  4. One minute..

    EDIT: What is the Eff III pick made of?
  5. Is it okay if the font is slightly different than the original one?
  6. Sorry guys, but taking anothers logo and modifying it to be your own is crossing into illegal lines for copyright infringement. Can't allow this.

    If you want to edit your post and ask someone to MAKE a signature for you, go for it. but you can't blindly take some other sites logo.
  7. Done!

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  8. Opps shall i remove my post?
  9. Bah! you finished first.
  10. With all due respect, nothing is being marketed or solicited under a company or website name... that's like saying a user named Coca-Cola is breaking the law.
  11. It's a chicken with a gun. "WarChicken". Why ... oh, IDK; whatever.
  12. Where did you get your signature?
  13. Isn't there a user named WarChicken? Wasn't the original his signature?
  14. And finsup2010, I made you a signature anyway:


    Do we have a deal, the signature for the Eff 3 pick?

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  15. i've seen something like that before...
  16. He made one like it for Gabe...who's now banned.
    Thought so. I tried typing into my browser and got "MALWARE WARNING OHNOES!" :confused:
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  17. I do remember making that one.