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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Nick4053, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. When I got home my brother said he got banned from a server. I think it was this one...
    Banned for inappropriate language forever. I don't know what he said but must have been bad for no warning (I think) and instaban. I hope someday I can be unbanned for my brothers actions. I wouldnt want to be held responsible for something he did. I am a loyal member on this server and with one incident I'm gone forever? This is the best server and to just lose everything is just...horrible. My heart hurts and I hope that I can get back on the server to continue playing and laughing and having fun with my friends. I understand safety is important to the players, and I respect the ban. I would like to be unbanned and strictly looked at to see that I am not breaking any rules.
    Thanks Empire, You guys rock.

    Noticed my brother tried to get me unbanned aswell...

    Find it in your heart to forgive us :( I'm a good guy, ask palm and stuff.
    Sorry for any inconvenience
  2. You have been told how to appeal your ban in the other threads this account posted. :)

    Check out the Official Guides section if you're still unsure.
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