account hacking? or wanting to get banned :/

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by dandandondo, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. Ok, so i was playing on smp7. and a new person joined the server, and began cussing and spamming and using caps. we reported and he got banned. then another person came on and did almost the same exact thing, just different cuss words, and then he got banned. then another person began to cuss and spam, but im not sure if he was banned. then, NAME BLOCKED began to cuss and spam. this all happened in less then 4 hours :/. do you think people are hacking into their accounts and saying all this? because some of these people are never like this :/.
  2. No, these are just the annoying people of life
  3. Anything is possible, sadly.
    If you provide the Staff with a list of these names we can look to ensure their validity.
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  4. The most recent spammed a bunch of obscenities then is having a griefing party. I have no desire to be part of that since he's acting so weird. Next thing we know he'll be complaining that someone tore his place down.

    I have to say the swearing "styles" were different, but this is unusual.
  5. LLO Much?
  6. This is just one of those things. That same thing thing happened on my server (and I don't know how they got whitelisted either :/ ) but we just have to put up with people who just want to ruin other people's day :/
  7. Actually this happened between a peroid of Thirty minutes. As I have heard ....
  8. Are you sure they wernt saying "heck" and @%$*$$$$#%? Thats not cussing :/ altho i bet they were using worse words.
  9. i got 2 screenshots of it if u want to see it xD
  10. they werent saying heck and %^&*. they were saying the cuss words and inappropriate stuff
  11. They were definitely saying much worse words, and they were actual cuss words rather than *%&#, heck, etc. And like xI_LIKE_A_PIGx said, all of this happened over a period of about an hour or so. In the first "wave" of people, there was first a person fresh from the tutorial, and like usual everybody said "Welcome to the empire!". In response to this, the person basically said "screw you". Later he began to use caps, started to swear, and spammed the chat until dandandondo notified a moderator (crazy1080) and got him banned. Then about 10 minutes later, two more people started to do the same thing and also got banned. Soon after crazy1080 got online for about 20 minutes then left as the issue seemed to have stopped, which it did. But then (this is getting really long, I know. ;)) another person got on and did pretty much the exact same thing. About an hour later, one of the people that got at least got kicked got back on and started asking everybody to come to his residence and grief everything, supposedly because he wanted to get a fresh start. And a few minutes ago, the person that asked for his residence to be grieved is now saying "OMG MY RES IS GRIEVED!!". So, I don't know who's real and who isn't anymore with the people that seemed to have gotten hacked.
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  12. I don't think posting the people's names is such a great idea for privacy reasons

    EDIT: I may or may not have seen that last post :D
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  13. I agree with snozles... Contact a mod with their names, don't post their names all over the forum for everybody to see.
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  14. Thanks for the heads up but a conversation would have been better... :)
  15. hopefully, theres a way for kad to delete the post kad made :/.
  16. *sigh* Sorry, my mistake. The privacy issue never occurred to me. If a moderator could take that comment down now that would be great. :oops:
  17. No worries, I removed it. :)
  18. I think two of those people know each other. It's possible we've got a group of really bored kids trying to play a hoax.
  19. Okay thanks. I'll try to think before I post something like this next time. (Good thing it was only up for about 10 minutes too!)
  20. woops xD, i didnt mean to say kad twice.
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