Account Hacked?

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  1. You can't ban wilyum what if he was not the person that bought the diamonds with your account and It was actually someone else that wanted to frame him and then kept the diamond.Just a thought.:eek:
  2. Please don't accuse Wilyum at this stage unless you have proof, Pm a mod or admin about this .
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  3. It might not have been wilyum who caused the problems. Perhaps the person who hacked your account bought the diamonds at the nice low price then sent them somewhere where else and sold them again.
  4. You need some type of proof it was him, and not just you blowing all your rupees to get him banned.
  5. Well I just got onto my account and got back to my house from the wilderness and my diamond store has 84 diamonds in it. I would still like to know how someone could have possibly gotten onto my account..
  6. I know Wilyum. He is a good friend and a good guy. I actually was there when he was selling you diamonds. At YOUR store. Your store is Buy for 50r, Sell for 45r. He just sold you stuff, cause he thought it was a good deal. He didn't hack you.
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  7. Sell them to my store on smp2. I buy them for 47r each, so u will make money!

    Smp2, v 3456, black floor
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  8. :D Confusion. I guess Wilyum sold you the diamonds that's how you ended up with 84 diamonds.
  9. Yea, I feel stupid now haha. Thanks guys I see what happened now. Was just freaked out I only had 100 rupee. =P
  10. that is funny XD if you dont want to lose rupees dont have teh sell option in your shop
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  11. Please don't accuse people so suddenly. He is one of my best friends and you were talking about banning him when he did nothing wrong. :/