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  1. Hello everyone I regret to say that my account was hacked a few days ago and I have been forced to switch to my new account. I will update on what my name will be soon but I hope an admin or someone can verify If I will be able to still keep my EMC games medal witch is my biggest fear that I will be forced to forfeit it because of this. I am currently choosing a name for my new account but I am not to worried because I always put all my important things in chest and I gave my friend admin on my res so I am protected from losing anything like that but if someone can contact krysyy or another admin and just show them this thread please do.

    See ya soon,
  2. Couldn't you PM Krysyy?
  3. Surely you can just change your password on everything you have to do with that account ( and and then no hacker would be able to get in? If they have changed the password then you just press 'Forgot Password' and follow the steps.
  4. This ^.

    I see these pop up and I just wonder why people can't just change their password etc. Also there's the whole Mojang Account that I hate but apparently helps protect against Haxxorz.
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  5. The acount is connected to an old email I no longer have so no way to recover the password
  6. Update: my new name is Shrimped
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