Access signs with long names

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  1. So, DangerousPopcorn won my recent auction, and his name couldn't fit on a sign for the access chest, so I tried DangerousPopcor , but I'm not sure if it will work. Does anybody know if that's what I should've done?
  2. I think you just put as much of the name on as will fit and it'll work fine.
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  3. i believe jack is right and you could ask him to try and open the container after placing the sign if that doesn't work then make a small room and place the chest there and give him container perms while he is in the room after he gets whatever he won then take away his perms and remove the room
  4. I guess. Thanks! My thought was that if there was a DangerousPopcorn1, would they both be able to open it, or what?
  5. I think that, unfortunately, yes they could. Luckily there isn't. :)
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