Access signs should be placed under enchantment tables!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by thecontroller, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. It bugs me how anything in-front of a bookshelf will disrupt the enchantment table. Justin should make us able to place access signs directly under enchantment tables because signs disrupt enchantment tables.
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  2. This has been discussed before, the reason it isn't implemented already is because, while it may not seem like a big deal, every access sign now has to do twice as much work to determine what the sign is granting access to.

    Or something like that.
  3. This would be great for access signs too. I rent a market stall where the chests are accessed by signs, and sometimes it's complicated and ugly-looking to have to have the access sign and the shop sign all fit in somehow, especially when one is selling more than one thing from a single chest.
  4. Bummer, I didn't know :(
  5. I understand what your saying about "every access sign now has to do twice as much work to determine what the sign is granting access to." the server does have to do some code with 60+ players constantly doing activities. But players always does this with doors and such so I don't think this will impact anything at all. So why not have it?
  6. Just do this:
    Build a two block pole to place the sign ---> place the sign ---> break the block below the one that's holding the sign ---> be happy.

    Or ---> don't give access to anyone xD
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  7. PROBLEM with your suggestion: Fences or any type of block including torches will block the letters going to the enchantment table!
  8. hmm, only 30 shelves affect the table, so add another shelf in the doorway and you are just fine right?
  9. You would think that, but a single sign above the shelf will block 7 bookcases, and the block holding it will block 5 (3 of them included in the 7 mentioned prior)
  10. daaang, 7 for one sign? here is a question, if you are enchanting something on a table, and someone else clicks the table, can they see the item you are enchanting?
  11. Then that's sad :/ but I'm pretty shure there is a way around, d1223m has an enchanting room (I used it already) that goes up to lvl 50 :)
  12. It is possible to make an enchantment table WITH an access sign above it, while being able to reach level 50 enchants.


    Lever to toggle the enchantment level.

    And level 50.

    This is somewhere on my residence on SMP3...
  13. Haaaaaaaaaxxx
  14. Why doesnt JustinGuy just implement another flag for residences like: /res set enchant true
    This would be so people can set like use flags without others opening and closing doors or using buttons!
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  15. I'
    I'll give you 1r if you stop catching up to me and let me keep rank #4 for TEXP :p
  16. Alright. I'll overtake you then.:) Ahh! Missing the 1 rupee!
  17. Oh. D':