"Access everyone" chests on other players's residences

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  1. I like to do /v random a lot so I can go see what new shops and builds I can find. Here recently, I stumbled upon a residence that had workbenches, furnaces, etc. with the access everyone signs on them. They also had storage chests, with the access everyone signs above them. Being somewhat of a nosy person, I looked in them. Several different items were in it.

    My question is, should I do anything about it? Like, message the player and tell them about it? I have no intention of taking the items, and don't want to see if someone else's stuff get stolen, but if someone else comes across them, they might not do the same. The lot owner might have been playing with friends and not realized that their friend put the items in the chest. Or should I just ignore it and hope for the best for them?
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  2. you should see if the player still plays emc by doing /p (player name) and if they do try to message them through the forums or in the game
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  3. hmm Tough choice.... I would notify them about this.
  4. Last log in was four days ago, joined 33 days ago, so maybe they just don't realize it could be stolen...
  5. Maybe you can store his most valuable stuff in your own chests and then you can send him a pm to tell him that you have secured the valuable items.
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  6. Yeah, that would be the best I think, and if the player is not online in 10 days I think you can take the stuff ;)