AC Inc. SMPMall Franchise - located at 405, 4005, 11405 & 18805

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  1. The SMPMall franchise is ever-expanding, with stores already open on SMP1 (405) and SMP2 (4005), buildings on SMP5 and SMP9 and plans for stores on the remaining servers. Stop by, check us out, buy and sell us you items!


    Base of operations - Exclusive sales: Rare items, heads, name tags, tools/armour floor, wither head, nether star and beacons

    In the works

    In the works

    Built and awaiting opening

    In the works

    Planning commenced

    In the works

    Built and waiting opening

    Green: Open, Orange: Awaiting launch, Dark Orange: Planning commenced
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  2. I'm taking it that means u have a shop on every server.
  3. Either open, built or planned. :)
  4. Hopefully built because shops are almost empty on six due to lack of residents getting on.
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  5. Guys I'm just as terrified about this coming to my smp, but this is an economy server and alex has ever right to pursue the goal of a complete empire on the Empire. The "button" line is that the only thing we can do is work harder to compete with the might of alex :) And alex......I'm impressed XD
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  6. If you ever need any help with the Smp3 store I would be more then happy to help.
    Smp3's my home so I would love to help it grow and stabilize the economy and drive more people to living there.
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  7. Smp1 is about 20r different's for diamond then other's (smp9 too)
  8. I believe that you're wrong. You have to base prices off of value, not what the larger shops are selling them for.
  9. What does TBC mean?
  10. I use it as to be confirmed.
  11. And I thought building ONE mega mall was hard...
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  12. have you taken over queendivas mall at smp9?
  13. So what's the story here? Is this still being updated or have you abandoned the idea of having a mall on every server? If it's still going ahead then I would like to help once you get onto dealing with SMP 4 as it is my home!
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  14. What about Utopia? If you have the resources to build 9 malls, why not just build one big one where /vault is free?
  15. You'd still have to pay 10r to unload at other SMPs (without 5 pages) and in general that's just inconvenient.
  16. Yeah, that's true. Not many people buy stuff to actually use on Utopia.
  17. I've visited all your malls a few times now and then. And they are often out of stock of major items. Or limited stock of most things.

    Is there a plan to have people restock them? Or do you restock yourself?
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  18. Kind of agree. Other than 4005 rares, it's all pretty much out of stock/very little. We all want to know if you're gonna fix things up :)
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  19. Currently right now my focus is my building service and exclusive items trading (as you guys probably noticed). I keep 4005 and 405 open to allow people to sell and buy, but I do not stock it. Once I've reached a certain rupees goal, finished/made progress on a very large project I've been planning on SMP2 I plan to continue expanding, fix prices on current stores (and redesign some aspects of them too) as well as begin using an innovative new stocking method to ensure nothing runs out (I will not be stocking them). :)
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