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  1. The SMP2Mall at 4005 is selling and buying all of the major EMC exclusive items in the biggest collection on EMC! Just head to the grey floor.

    Currently selling in stock:
    • 60k members tools and armour - See in-store signs for stock
    • Stable Vouchers (11.5k)
    • Vault Vouchers - Automatic (14k)
    • Magical Easter Eggcellent Wand (21k)
    • 2014 Birthday Cake (24k)
    • 12 Days of Christmas Promos - Candle (19k) ESCD (39.5k)
    • Valentine's Cupid's Bow (30k)
    • 2014 Thanksgiving Ham Hacker (28k)
    • Labour Day Benches - 2013 (30k) 2014 (19k)
    • Halloween 2014 Headless Mask (30k)
    • Spooky Eggs (32k)
    • Halloween 2013 Haunted Head (34k)
    • Christmas Horse Series - Dancer (39.5k)
    • Top 10 TopG Promo Lucky Bow (39k)
    • Independence Armour - See in-store signs for stock
    • 4th of July Independence Fireworks - 2013 (42k) 2014 (22k)
    • July Empire Fireworks - 2013 (45k) 2014 (49k)
    • Thanksgiving Turkey Slicer - 2013 (50k) 2014 (60k)
    • New Years Empire Fireworks - 2012 (54k) 2013 (25k) 2015 (16k)
    • Independence Freedom Blade - Sword (22k) Chest (54k)
    • Christmas 2013 Holiday Pick (90k)
    • EMC Anniversary Horses - Used Saltar (130k) Valens (145k)
    • Supporter Vouchers - Iron (140k) Gold (280k) Diamond (450k)
    • Blizz Ard Nose (310k)
    • Avalauncher (320k)
    • ICC's Promo Eggnog (1.1 mil)
    Currently buying for these prices, or your best offer:
    • Independence Armour - Leggings (46k)
    • Christmas Horse Series - Rudolph (85k)
    • EMC Anniversary Horses - Incitatus (130k)
    • 60k members tools and armour - Bullet Vest (140k) Cactus Pants (140k)
    • Valentine's Day Gift Roses - (160k)
    • Dragon Eggs (1.1 mil)
    • EVERYTHING ELSE! Send me an offer even if the item isn't on any of the lists. :)
    Simply mail anything you'd like to sell to me and the price listed will be paid as soon as I recieve it!

    *"Sell direct" refers to the ability to sell directly to the slot sign
    *Striked through = temporarily unavailable offer
  2. Added the 2012 New Years EMC Firework to my stock and lowered the price of the EMC horses and stable vouchers drastically!
  3. S&B?

    How much does each item cost?
  4. Selling and buying :p

    You'll have to come and see ;)
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  5. Added Dragon Eggs to the ever-growing population of exclusive goods for a temporary time, as well as MASSIVELY reducing prices for some items!
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  6. how many of each horse do you have?
  7. 10 incitatus, 5 saltar and 2 valens. :)
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  8. im impressed
  9. And xharo_der thought he had more.
  10. I should have bid on your auction...
  11. Hey, would you be interested in adding IcC Birthday Vouchers? I have quite a few I could sell you.
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  12. i want to buy 1 valens and 2 saltar but your shop wont let me
  13. All the incitatus eggs spawned? : o
  14. They were all spawned in just once :)
    Probably not, I'd like to stick with items that have some use, whether that be decoration or a tool. :)
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  15. Updated stock and pricing. :)
  16. I can sell you a Saltar for hmm...11k if you are interested :) ~FDNY21
  17. This is my topic and that's incredibly rude. Start a new thread if you want to buy one. :)
    I'm interested, set up a chest on your res in an ACCESS room please :D
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  18. Upon arrival to my res, go through the door and not far in you will find my ACCESS chest (smp9 18318) You can take it but pay the 11k :D Thanks! I'll be online if you cannot find it :p ~FDNY21
  19. Updated prices and stock
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  20. Any max on the amount you are buying?:)
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