AC Inc. | 4005 SMP2Mall

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  1. Check back to this thread for updates on the 4005 sales, news and information.

  2. Currently selling gold for a minimum price of 17r/1 on the cyan floor, plenty in stock!
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  3. Do you buy gold? :D
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  4. Not currently but I will when I clear some bulk. :)
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  5. Its Budder alex not gold...:D
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  6. Restocked another double chest+ of gold. :)
  7. He means budder
  9. Still selling that gold. :)
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  10. I'm now selling the 60k items at 4005 SMP2 for fairly high prices! Just turn around at the residence spawn.

    There's also bulk gold and bulk, cheap iron in stock. :)
  11. Restocked more 60k member items and 2 more double chests of gold!
  12. Time for gold inflation and price drops :p