AC:CF freind codes!!! (animal crossing city folk)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by SaizoTheFifth, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Hey EMC! today I FINALY present my friend code (or my brothers :p )
    it is ,
    Code: 5072-5232-3914
    Name: pikmin
    Town: awakewod
    Thx guys post your info and stuff BTW I live in Hawaii and will move to Washington STATE soon
  2. I'll get mine in a sec.
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  3. Washington State FTW! You'll be in for a weather shock XD
  4. I know its my second time gonna be there
    and its a 30-40 degrees drop XD
  5. Dude, what's your friend code?
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  6. It's 507252323914
  7. LOL fail
  8. can you follow me.... BROTHER XD
  9. It isn't working..
  10. what version do you have? BTW I don't have New leaf =3
  11. Town awakewod
    Name pikmin
    Code 5072-5232-3914
  12. here is the code again:
  13. Oh, I also have City Folk... :p
  14. lolol im doing only city folk for now =3 XD
  15. oh eligab open the gate if you can :p
  16. Well.... this is gonna be ALOT of running...
  17. The time is am and it's
  18. well since you MIGHT come im just gonna post some rules =3
    • no hacks
    • HAVE FUN
  19. LOLOL