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  1. Me, Djozane, and LegoHorusWho joined a server today. Djozane left about 10 minutes in, and the owner said he was letting people buy a moderator pack. It would allow them to vanish, teleport, kick and ban players. I told him to base it off skill and not buyings. He told me to shut up and then he griefed my little hobbit hole I set up. I told him to stop, and then he started PvPing me and killing me.

    I had a PvP fight with him, I got him low on health so he ate a golden apple to regen his health and beat me. I told him not to cheat, and he kicked me off the server. I came back on, and then he was calling me a big baby, a ******, a gay, a transvestite. Basically everything that is offensive to people who are 'different'. I told him that he was abusive, and I warned a new player. Then he repeatedly swore at me. We didn't go at it for 10 minutes, and then he TNT'ed my newly repaired base into oblivion, and then banned me for being a big baby.

    I'm glad we don't have moderators/senior staff/admins like that here at EMC.
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  3. You don't exist 0.o lol
  4. Dont tell him that! The program cant know the truth, or it will rebel!
  5. Too late it's self aware... quick pull the plug and get a cutting torch after it...
  6. Hopefully What I think hes trying to say is that the moderators, senior staffs, and admins on emc is more like part of the community :). Instead of being a superior/abusive use of power. If this is not what he meant then my reaction is:
  7. ...no point to playing anywhere else. Since I found EMC one year ago, today...I've never bothered to look for anything else. I've said it before - every other server is unorganized and confusing. EMC can be as in depth or easy as a player wants! So much to do!

    And what's the point of allowing folks to buy a staff position? There is no honor in it, and really...no point. Might as well go play creative single player.
  8. Before i found EMC, I had been to places like this. Horrible it really is....... Really shows how great the staff of EMC are!
  9. So...
    IcC isn't real?!

  10. i can see why someone would want to scam people into buying a "moderator pack"... get a couple of suckers and then delete the server, make off with whatever cash they managed to make.

    ps. i was hoping this was going to be some juicy gossip about moderator activity on EMC :p
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  11. Pl0X let meh buy de Moderator states?!1?!1 I wuv helpong poeple! I am glad EMC does not allow that. That is crazy!
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  12. Sorry guys.... I had drunk too much beer before playing on that server.... And I am swimming in money.

    Just kidding, haha
  13. Yeah I may get a bit bored of it at times because I just keep doing the same.old.thing. I don't have an issue with staff either, so I don't get the people who claim we have corrupt staff. I guess because "I'm from Planet Minecraft, can I have OP!?" doesn't get them OP then they rage.

    I take breaks from EMC and really don't care for other servers. Before I found EMC I tried a few others and left shortly after.

    The first you had to use a diamond block to protect your stuff which meant going way out from spawn and hoping someone didn't grief and steal your stuff while you were mining and trying to find enough diamonds to make a block, I was pvp'd by this guy when the rules were no PVP outside the pvp arena and to give the person the items back if asked. I didn't get them back and the mod on at the time thought it was hilarious.

    Another I was temp. banned for placing too many blocks.

    The last, all the plots were taken, Mods and Admins never on, names looked like this:

    and it was chaotic and people were rude to each other, when they weren't spamming "WILL U MARRY ME!?"
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  14. Theres this other server I play on, and the admins there are pretty abusive as well. They despise me, and yell at me every time I create the faction called Warlords. I was deeply hated by all the admins there, but I loved the server anyway. Youve just got to learn to deal with it, like me on that server.
  15. In fact, he is a product of your imagination. You have to choose the red pill or the blue one.
    pastilla roja o azul.jpg
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  16. Red - For a stimulant
    Blue - For imagination...
  17. The server I was on before EMC was very nationalist. The owner kept spawn killing one of my friends for being American, he was later banned. Another friend was banned for being American. My brother was banned for PvP in a PvP arena. My other friend was banned for "Greifing the end" (We built a house). After that I blew up the owners house and left the server.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that the owner said that I liked to play with little Asian boys.
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  18. I have found only ONE server besides EMC that I can play on, with a non abusive owner.
  19. Sorry about spawn killing your friend!

    Im joking :3

    But when I did run a server I was a fair admin in my mind, I didn't grief, banned hackers/griefers/spawn killers and then made protected areas for everyone to build.

    I would be annoyed banned for being British.
  20. I was on one server and it was really quite fun. Then someone joined and suddenly became Admin. Then they began banning me for no reason. They demoted me ect. Then they did a big reform of the server and now it is just messed. Oh and this was all after the host had demoted the person who bought the server and took control.